How Cohesive Marketing Helps Your Business

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Revenue Increase

I wanted to cover a quick 101 on Cohesive Marketing as it's a concept that's really at the center of Dakota Ridge Marketing and everything we do and I felt like it might help you guys out. So let's jump right in to what it is and some examples of how it could help out your business.

Cohesive Marketing means logically connecting your business, audience targeting, branding, goals, campaigns and tools so your marketing in general is better and obviously your business performs better overall.

To put it into practice, it's a four step methodology:

  1. Making sure that you have all the pieces of a strong foundation built.

  2. Using those pieces to support and build out other pieces.

  3. As you implement your marketing, check against your foundation.

  4. Going forward, make updates following a cadence.

When you put a Cohesive Marketing process into practice... there are numerous pieces to it (we have almost 30 as part of our Foundation Program).. and using them all together results in so many diverse benefits. So, here's a few examples of what a cohesive foundation can do for you and your business:

  • There's a 23% average revenue increase attributed to always presenting your brand consistently.

  • In general, businesses that segment their audiences and target those different segments effectively actually have an annual profit growth 10% higher than companies who don't segment and target effectively.

  • A 15% better revenue performance when marketing goals are actually set and managed consistently.

At Dakota Ridge Marketing how this all plays together is we work with companies hand-in-hand to help them assess their current marketing setup with our Complimentary Strategy Call, build out their Cohesive Marketing Foundation centered on six main categories and implement their marketing strategies with a 12 step proven process. It really helps them to build a strong foundation as well as achieve results like the examples above.

Business Startup

For you, I think you can start by really taking more of a holistic view around your marketing, for example, review your brand guidelines and build out any brand pieces that are missing. Put together your audience segmentation and personas if those aren't built out. Set up personalization plans with regards to your website and email personalization.

For the second step of Cohesive Marketing, really make sure pieces support other pieces that you are building. For example, use your UVP in support of your Key Messaging.

Marketing Foundation

Lastly, check and recheck against your foundation. As you probably already know all too well, when you're building out marketing campaigns, and juggling all the aspects, things can get away from you or slip through the cracks. Check aspects like your target audiences, the images are tied into your brand, the copy uses the right voice/tone. Make sure it's all consistent and it's working with the foundation that you have built out.

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Marketing is constantly evolving, and there are tons of opportunities that SMBs are not taking advantage of in order to boost revenue.

With results like a 9% revenue increase from multi channel marketing and a 10% revenue boost from personalization, it pays to discuss your strategies.


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