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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a run-through of some of the top questions we get about our program during prospect and onboarding calls

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  • How much support do we get as part of the program?
    We are known for our support levels. Beyond our regular update calls, you always have access to our Chief Strategist via Email and Slack, or a call if needed. Whenever a question arises you can feel free to reach out and get them answered.
  • What if I don't need the whole program... can I just get some of the services?
    We fully understand that you may not need everything we provide. Clients normally choose 1 of our "Result Packs" to get started and then build from there. We do still align some strategy pieces with each option, so we know the environment for success is setup.
  • What if I want to cancel?
    We don't anticipate that happening based on our service levels, but if needed you can cancel anytime. We have a 10-day cancellation window prior to any next monthly payment.
  • How is the strategy included in the program?
    We not only believe but have seen the data first-hand that having a strategy in addition to just putting out content simply does wonders. That is why we work on putting together the Target Audience information, defining the Content Strategy, aligning Content Goals with your business goals, developing your offers, and building target lists. This initial focus results in more attention, awareness, engagement, lead generation, and conversions from your content marketing.
  • How long does the PREPARE & IMPLEMENT portions of the program take?
    It depends on your schedule, as well as which channels are chosen. Normally though, we have initial meetings and get started right away on the strategy elements over a couple days.
  • What's the pricing?
    We have a flat fee based on "Result Pack" selection, or any one off service. We setup our pricing around value. By that we mean the value you get from all the services we provide pales in comparison to the cost. Yes, we could share that with you now, but we're not sure you have seen the value we provide yet, so we'd rather share that with you on a quick call. (Use any of the buttons on the site to see the program video and then setup a call)
  • Everything on your site sounds great... but do you have proof?
    Yes. As you may know, developing brand awareness, shifting your brand positioning, building thought leadership and everything that goes with all of this is not an overnight success style of marketing. We hope that that is not what you're looking for as those short term wins are exactly that, short term. You need to keep pumping money into them just to achieve what you did previously. We focus on scaling your company for the long term and continual results. But with that said, we have honed a process to get results within 3 months time, which we're pretty proud of. This is not always the case, and relies on a number of elements but... Here's a client who was facing another year of flatlined website sessions and we were able to turn things around quickly for them to gain more attention. Another important aspect of content marketing is making sure you're getting found on search. We worked with a client who had a low CTR for search (You should try to be at least at 3%).. so we quickly turned it around for them and are looking forward to way beyond the 3% rate. We've worked with companies across diverse IT Services to help them gain growth.
  • How is the pricing setup?
    We have flat pricing for each "Result Pack", which includes the PREPARE strategy pieces and IMPLEMENT pieces as well as support, reporting etc.

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