Are You Solving Business Pain Points?

Updated: Jul 19

Business Pain Points

I wanted to give a little insight into the business pain point trends that sparked the beginning to Dakota Ridge Marketing.

We have years of marketing experience, and through working with companies, both internally and as consultants, we started noticing some common trends across their marketing and business in general.

  1. We've seen a lot of companies struggling with their marketing foundations. For example, some had strong campaign strategies, but their branding was off. Some were using the right marketing tools but the audiences they were targeting were not dialed in.

  2. We noticed changing audience needs. This could be the audience changing channels or just needing some different types of messaging, but the businesses were not able to keep up with the shifts.

  3. A lot of small and medium-sized businesses don't really have the teams or the resources available to create impactful marketing like an enterprise company like Nike or Patagonia would.

  4. The complexity of marketing has been increasing, especially recently with new technology options. Aspects like personalization, where you could potentially get a 10% bump in revenue using strategies like email personalization or website personalization, but most businesses aren’t able to implement that.

  5. Lastly, on the campaign level, a lot of companies use the throw it up against the wall and see what sticks method without really planning out the strategy behind it.

What we’ve put together is a 1-2 day workshop. We work hand in hand with B2B companies across all different Industries to build a strong marketing foundation.

We look at aspects like your business, the industry, segmentation, who you're targeting. We make sure your key messaging resonates and the offer is perceived as valuable by your target audience. Then we obviously spend a lot of time on the marketing plan itself.

This does lead right into our execution phases, but we just wanted to share a little about our PLAN program. We love working with all types of businesses to build a cohesive foundation for their marketing and help them implement the strategies to achieve their business goals.


Marketing is constantly evolving, and there are tons of opportunities that SMBs are not taking advantage of in order to boost revenue.

With results like a 9% revenue increase from multi channel marketing and a 10% revenue boost from personalization, it pays to discuss your strategies.