The most comprehensive program to develop every needed strategic and tactical aspect of your B2B marketing.

MFP: An Overview

Across 8 weeks, we develop the most comprehensive and important set of deliverables that will guide your company's growth.

Each week includes discovery calls with your team, analytical processes, strategic deliverables, and actionable outcomes... all resulting in a fire lit under your marketing and sales. 


See below for a few highlighted weeks of the program...  

week 2.png

WEEK 2: Audiences

Properly aligning your marketing and messaging with the right target audiences is paramount to success... to the tune of a 10% higher profit growth. 

In week 2, we conduct an array of research to specify your target audiences, develop personas to fully understand them, and construct positioning to define the place you hold in their minds, among other deliverables. 

WEEK 3: Branding

One of the most forgotten areas for SMBs, branding is attributed to an average revenue increase of 23%.

In week 3, we delve deeper into your target audiences, finding out how they speak, what personalities resonate, what types of media & images interest them.


We then align that with your company to develop your brand personality, your brand voice to convey your personality, and imagery guidelines that build trust and confidence, among other deliverables. 

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week 5.png

WEEK 5: Campaigns

It pays to lay out your marketing strategies as a cohesive picture of all your channels and tactics, as opposed to a disjointed plan. The strongest omni-channel marketing setups result in a 25% increase in sales. 

In week 5, we build your entire marketing plan, with all needed channels and tactics tied into the stages of the buyer journey, as well as a visual diagram of your plan, among other deliverables. 

WEEK 7: Tools

With companies scoring an average 45/100 for their use of marketing technology, combined with 30% of budgets going to the technology, there are drastic cost savings available.

In week 7, we put together software, data, and tracking guidelines to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing.

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Building a strategy that encompasses all the needed aspects of a comprehensive marketing foundation will enhance your company growth.

The first step is a Complimentary Strategy Call: